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Bid Blab is the question & answer platform that connects consumers with valuable products and services. Customer acquisition is difficult because conversions take time, and unfortunately, most digital ads only last one second. Our game-like promotions allow engaged consumers days to thoroughly understand your product offering. We integrate images, video, and targeted web links leading consumers directly to your online business, providing local and national coverage.

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Consumers buy online.
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Our promotional native advertisements provide thorough business exposure, allowing consumers to explore products and services they have not experienced in the past.


Potential customers will engage with the advertisement numerous times, putting forth an effort to win an experience to do business with your company.

Bid Blab Evergreen Marketing


When the promotion expires, your business will continue receiving traffic through our unique evergreen marketing efforts within multiple search engines.

Getting Started

If your business offering takes longer than a second to explain, you’re not alone. Businesses are having difficulty acquiring new customers through digital advertising. Consumers increasingly feel that a pop-up or pop-under advertising is intrusive and disrespectful of their time. Bid Blab’s game-like promotion allows engaged consumers multiple days of exposure to understand your product offering thoroughly.

We provide both local and national coverage for a low fixed price. Please contact our team by filling in the request form below. A marketing specialist will contact you within 24 hours to discuss how we can help.